the ultimate freelance proposal template for landing 5-figure contracts

The Ultimate Freelance Proposal Template For Landing 5-Figure Contracts

Tiffany Amaro Cake, Freelancing Tips 4 Comments

Do you use a freelance proposal template when you’re applying for freelance work? If not, you’re wasting valuable time. Using a freelance proposal template makes it easy to send out dozens of proposals in a day without wasting time writing a fresh proposal for each contract. On top of that, it gives you a measurable piece of data to analyze and adjust per client as you grow into your freelance career. But before we go any further, I gotta ask: Are you actually freelancing or are you just thinking about it? If you aren’t a freelancer yet, snag a copy of my FREE ebook, GO FREELANCE LIKE *SNAP*, to learn how you can become a freelancer in a weekend (I’m super cereal, no funny business). [Click the image above to signup & receive my FREE ebook: GO FREELANCE LIKE *SNAP*] When I first started out as a freelance contractor, I didn’t use a freelance proposal template to create my outreach …