shadow alchemy 101: transform your biggest setbacks into profitable passion projects

Shadow Alchemy 101: How To Transform Your Shadow Work Into Profitable Passion Projects

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I’m of the belief that what we struggle with in life – our shadow work – is meant to be embraced and understood. I also believe that each of us has the option to then share what we’ve learned with the collective – or keep it to ourselves. If we choose to share our shadow work, we prosper. If we choose to hide it, we remain the same. When we choose to hide our shadows, it’s usually because we’re ashamed. Ashamed that we experienced it at all and/or ashamed for what others might think of us. But by choosing to share our shadow work, we not only help the collective heal and evolve beyond it, but we also provide ourselves with a livable income. Because that which does not kill us truly can – across mind, body, soul, and cake – makes us stronger. Shadow work is the process of recognizing the repressed parts of ourselves that we have been …

the ultimate freelance proposal template for landing 5-figure contracts

The Ultimate Freelance Proposal Template For Landing 5-Figure Contracts

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Do you use a freelance proposal template when you’re applying for freelance work? If not, you’re wasting valuable time. Using a freelance proposal template makes it easy to send out dozens of proposals in a day without wasting time writing a fresh proposal for each contract. On top of that, it gives you a measurable piece of data to analyze and adjust per client as you grow into your freelance career. But before we go any further, I gotta ask: Are you actually freelancing or are you just thinking about it? If you aren’t a freelancer yet, snag a copy of my FREE ebook, GO FREELANCE LIKE *SNAP*, to learn how you can become a freelancer in a weekend (I’m super cereal, no funny business). [Click the image above to signup & receive my FREE ebook: GO FREELANCE LIKE *SNAP*] When I first started out as a freelance contractor, I didn’t use a freelance proposal template to create my outreach …