do you have scalp psoriasis or a bad scalp care routine?

Is It Scalp Psoriasis Or A Bad Scalp Care Routine?

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For most of my life, I thought I had scalp psoriasis. I’ve had hair stylists tell me this. Doctors tell me this. My parents, even friends and extended family were convinced my itchy scalp was due to scalp psoriasis. After years of trying medicated shampoos and conditioners, different diets, and various hair treatments that included things like clay masks and coconut oil soaks, I finally learned the simple truth: I had never been taught how to take care of my curly hair and my scalp was suffering because of it. I have curly hair. And for most of my life, I’ve seen that as a burden. In my childhood, I didn’t “do” anything to my hair other than add a few barrettes, maybe throw in some pigtails once in a while, basic shit like that (I for sure had butterfly clips, both the plastic neon babies and the ones with glitter that bobbled when you walked down the halls looking …