the ultimate freelance proposal template for landing 5-figure contracts

The Ultimate Freelance Proposal Template For Landing 5-Figure Contracts

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Do you use a freelance proposal template when you're applying for freelance work?

If not, you're wasting valuable time.

Using a freelance proposal template makes it easy to send out dozens of proposals in a day without wasting time writing a fresh proposal for each contract.

On top of that, it gives you a measurable piece of data to analyze and adjust per client as you grow into your freelance career.

But before we go any further, I gotta ask:

Are you actually freelancing or are you just thinking about it?

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When I first started out as a freelance contractor, I didn't use a freelance proposal template to create my outreach messages.

Instead, I went project by project on and, spending countless hours creating unique, often far too long, proposals that - more often than not, I'm sure - were looked over for their excessive rambling.

I felt like I had to put everything I had into each proposal to win over - nay, convince! - clients to want to work with me.

It took me a hot minute, but soon enough I realized I had to simplify the process.

Not just for myself, but for those poor clients who were being inundated with so many proposals each day, that mine was just another excessive jaunt down my own self-worth path.

Creating and sticking to a freelance proposal template was just the simplification I needed.

By creating a freelance proposal template, I was able to:

  • Hone my approach,
  • Simplify my message,
  • Quickly detail my skills,
  • Focus more time on applying,
  • Create video content when applicable,
  • & Meticulously adjust my word choice over time.
"Using a freelance proposal template was a huge game-changer for my online freelancing career." Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

Whenever anyone I know decides to become an online freelancer, I quickly send over my template to help them along the way.

If only someone did for me then what I'm about to do for you now 😉

In this post, I'll walk you through the freelance proposal template that helped me land five-figure freelance contracts for nearly a decade.

And I'll explain why every single part of it is hands-down solid gold.


I've hired tons of freelancers -both as a freelancer myself working for small and large businesses and also as an entrepreneur who loves to outsource for her own projects.

So let me make this very clear:

"Freelance proposal templates need to be straightforward." Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

Don't waste time. Don't fluff your words.

Keep your freelance proposal template under or around 500 words and let your work and confidence do the talking for you.

As a rule of thumb, your freelance proposal template should be:

"If you go overboard with detail or self-promotion, you'll come off as desperate and unprofessional."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

Think about it.

If you wanted to hire a fitness trainer, would you feel more comfortable with a trainer who is calm and confident and can easily detail their professionalism, or a trainer who is overzealous and desperate for your work?

I think we'd all prefer to work with the trainer who exudes professionalism, not the one who drowns us with their desperation.

So keep your freelance proposal template concise and trust that contracts will come to you as you evolve your template and grow as a freelance contractor.

The Ultimate Freelance Proposal Template: ONE TEMPLATE TO RULE THEM ALL

You're welcome in advance for this, by the way!

What you're about to enjoy is the freelance proposal template that I've used over the course of my ten year career - as a freelancer and entrepreneur - to land five-figure contracts.

Following the rules listed above for creating a specifically tailored, short and sweet proposal, you'll learn how to make each section of this template perfectly matched for any project you apply to in the future.

The ultimate freelance proposal template has seven parts:

  • Part 1: THE GREETING
  • Part 6: THE NEXT STEPS

This template has a success rate that is unmatched by any other I've tried in my career as a freelance contractor.

The reason for that is that this template is not only short, sweet, and highly detailed, but also directly inquisitive to whatever project you're applying to.

"Each section of this proposal requires a short amount of research to take it from zero to hero in mere minutes."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

Below is the freelance proposal template that I've used for the last ten years:

PART 1: Greetings {client name}!

PART 2: I have over 10+ years experience creating custom Wordpress websites and a reputation for exceeding expectations in a quick turnaround, plus I regularly work with fitness professionals to enhance their website and revenue streams. I guarantee that I can revamp your website design, including the e-commerce solution, within seven (7) days.

PART 3: It looks like you need a membership component to accommodate your online coaching service; do you want me to create a portal that allows you to post custom information per each client or a general portal that allows you to share information with specific tiers of clientele? I can do both or either!

What do you like about your current site and what do you dislike?

Do you have any sample sites of what you'd prefer your site to emulate instead?

PART 4: Please take a look at my profile, where you'll see I've received rave reviews:
{URL link}

PART 5: Or check out some of my most recent gems to get a feel for my work:
{URL link}
{URL link}
{URL link}
{URL link}
{URL link}

PART 6: I'd like to discuss your project with you further to get a better feel for the full scope of the work involved. If you're interested, please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. And best of luck in the hunt for a savvy developer!

PART 7: All the best,

Keep reading to see a breakdown of each section and what you can do to make your proposal truly stand out.


Customize your greeting to best match your personality.

For example: if you prefer a more professional touch, you can use "hello" or just the client's name.

But whatever you choose to open with, absolutely take the time to look up the client's name!!!

This makes the difference between being hired and being overlooked.

When I look at hiring freelancers for my own projects, I'm rarely impressed by someone who didn't bother to look up my name, or use it when I've easily made it available to them.

"Using a client's name feels professional and direct. You're no longer just speaking to anyone, or even pushing out a template. It shows that you took the time to find out how to address them directly."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

I've won many 5-figure contracts simply for taking the time to track down a name that wasn't readily available. Seriously. Clients love that shit!

At the time, I thought it might be a creepy thing to do...tracking down a name that wasn't provided in the project description.

But, instead, every single client I've done it for has mentioned that it shows initiative and resourcefulness. And I couldn't agree more!


Use the contractor introduction space to detail how your work experience and expertise are relevant to the project you're applying to.

Notice that mine is only two sentences.

Also notice my specific phrasing:

  • "creating custom Wordpress websites"
  • "quick turnaround"
  • "regularly work with fitness professionals"
  • "enhance websites and revenue streams"
  • "revamp your website design"
  • "e-commerce solution"
"Use a client's exact word choice (or a better articulation of it) when applying for a contract."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

The word choice I use is no accident.

I choose the exact words (or more suitable versions of them) that a client uses in their project description.

This shows that I read the project description thoroughly and that I can follow instructions when provided.

Also take note of two other important pieces of information:

"Only use a guarantee when you know you can absolutely stick by it."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

However, if you know that you can complete a project within a specific time frame, and to the extent that the client is asking for it to be done, absolutely mention the term 'guarantee'.

It directly declares that you are confident with your ability to get the job done.

If you're able to, double down on that guarantee with a timeline.

At times, if I'm unsure what the timeline will be, I'll give a general timeline, like "7-14 days," or "in one month."


Part three is for asking specific, detail-oriented questions to your potential client.

Doing this step demonstrates proactivity and analytical thought, showing that you have deeply considered how their project will unfold and what next steps can be taken to ensure success.

Customize this section to fit whatever industry you're working in.

For example - whenever I've applied for copywriting work, I'd ask questions like: do you need an SEO audit; do you have a draft of the content you'd like me to enhance; how many words would you like me to write?

"Asking specific questions is certainly useful, but what I find even more beneficial about this section is that it gets the client thinking about you as their hired contractor."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

Psychology, yo. Its big time.

"Do you want ME to create a portal..."

The direct insinuation that you already have the job gets the ball rolling in your favor, and it tends to work like a charm.


Most freelance websites (like or easily list a link to your profile when you apply for a job.

But clients can be...unobservant.

They've got a lot going on and the last thing they're thinking of is vetting each profile link to each potential contractor.

I've learned that it's easier for everyone if you include your profile link right into your proposal.

And if you can add a tagline that fits your personality and exemplifies your excellent contractor reviews (I so hope you have good reviews, otherwise, yikes), such as "where you'll see I've received rave reviews," you'll get brownie points for having a friendly disposition AND testimonials to your previous work.

Which leads me to Part Five...


Call me crazy, but I love contractor proposals that are written how the contractor actually speaks.

I would absolutely say out loud, to anyone who inquired, to "check out some of my most recent gems."

Find a way that's unique to you and slap it in there.

Then, feature anywhere from 3-6 links to your most recent work.

Those links could be to URL's (if you made websites), or specific portfolio items in your freelancer profile.


Use this section to encourage the contractor to reach out to you as soon as they are available.

And give a reason why:

I'd like to discuss your project further,

The sooner we speak the sooner we can get this project underway,

I'd like to make sure we're a good fit.

At the end of this section, include a "best of luck" statement that shows you've got nothing but positive vibes for this project, whether you're hired or not.

That last part serves two purposes:

  • 1. To show that you're a kind and understanding person, and
  • 2.To get you to release your grip on winning every contract you apply for.
"Show that you're hospitable, but also remind them what they're looking for using adjectives from their project descriptions, or adjectives that you feel fit the best type of contractor for the job.."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

This further implies that you are that contractor, but that if they choose to go with someone else it ought to be someone who matches your tenacity.

At the same time, start training yourself to release any expectations or fantasy desires you may have consciously or subconsciously created around any contracts you apply to.

Freelancing is the ultimate hustle and if you start getting frustrated early on because "dream jobs" don't hire you, you'll burn out from disappointment faster than you would from overworking.


Finally, close out your proposal with a kind ending.

"All the best," is my favorite because it feels courteous and light-hearted.

But you could also go with "sincerely," "best wishes," or "I hope to hear from you soon."

Whatever you choose, make it fit your personality and the rest of your energy in your freelance proposal template.

Use The Ultimate Freelance Proposal Template To SHOWCASE WHO YOU ARE

Don't be afraid to inject personality into your freelance proposal template.

Now that you have this easy template to follow, you'll find your application time is cut down significantly, giving you ample time to assess your results.

If you sound too goofy one week and aren't getting any feedback, adjust your writing style to be more professional.

Likewise, because this freelancer template saves you so much time, you now use that free time to create custom video applications!

Sending in a quick thirty second to one minute clip of what you can offer your future client can be a great way to break the ice, speak directly to them, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Don't be shy! Clients love that kind of authentic gumption - I know I sure do when I'm looking to hire out.

"Just remember: freelancing should NEVER be your longterm plan."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Lifestyle Revolution Mentor

At Reconstructing Wonderland, I'm all about using clever avenues of resourcefulness to get control of your time, energy, and prosperity gains, but don't get stuck hustling as a freelancer for the rest of your life!

It's all about gaining as much knowledge and free time as you possibly can and using those two bonuses to create your own businesses.

But as you gain more and more free time, skills, and ambition, I want you to start thinking about how you can alchemize all of that into an online business.

And when you're ready, I've got the perfect online program to teach you how to put it all together:

[Click the image above to check out my premiere online course: Cake Queen Business Academy or use the button below.]

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  2. This is great! I wish someone had shared something like this with me back when I first started as a freelancer. It would have saved me SO much time during the trial and error period during which I learned myself. Like you, I am sure I rambled FAR too much in the early days hahaha

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      Lol, for sure! It took me a hot minute to realize that short and sweet really is the best way to promote myself. I’m glad this resonated with you! If you know anyone else who still freelances, please share this with them! It saves sooooooo much time and just works so damn well 🙂

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