shadow alchemy 101: transform your biggest setbacks into profitable passion projects

Shadow Alchemy 101: How To Transform Your Shadow Work Into Profitable Passion Projects

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I'm of the belief that what we struggle with in life - our shadow work - is meant to be embraced and understood.

I also believe that each of us has the option to then share what we've learned with the collective - or keep it to ourselves.

If we choose to share our shadow work, we prosper.

If we choose to hide it, we remain the same.

When we choose to hide our shadows, it's usually because we're ashamed.

Ashamed that we experienced it at all and/or ashamed for what others might think of us.

But by choosing to share our shadow work, we not only help the collective heal and evolve beyond it, but we also provide ourselves with a livable income.

Because that which does not kill us truly can - across mind, body, soul, and cake - makes us stronger.

What Is Shadow Work & HOW DO YOU START

Shadow work is the process of recognizing the repressed parts of ourselves that we have been hiding since childhood in order to become the better individual we know we can be.

Examples of shadow parts of the self include, but are not limited to: greed, aggressive impulses, self-centeredness, arrogance, shameful experiences, and fears.

Repressing these characteristics can lead to certain behaviors, such as: criticizing others, entitled behavior, unfair judgement of others, and adopting a victimization mindset.

Shadows can arise at any age and derive from any circumstance.

Rich or poor, red or blue, privileged or not, everyone has a collection of shadows to embrace.

To do that work, one must choose to educate, recalibrate, and discipline themselves to embrace those aspects instead of deny, shame, or hide them.


There are many ways to go about conducting shadow work.

Just like there are many different types of shadows.

The first step to embracing this type of alchemy is to educate yourself on what your shadows are and how you want to address them.

Below are my three favorite ways to conduct shadow work:

By doing these three simple tasks a day, you'll quickly start to recognize how your shadows impact your everyday life across mind, body, soul, and cake.


    Adopting a meditation practice (even if you start at just 5 minutes a day) teaches your brain how to discern perception and hone quietness, within which you can begin to unravel your shadows as they come out of the woodwork.


    Practicing compassion and awareness for the self helps you realize how critical you are of your every little move. All criticism is not positive criticism and most of it depletes our willpower, making it difficult for us to arise into a better version of ourselves.


    Be it a written journal or video journal doesn't really matter. What matters is that you start documenting your thoughts as they naturally come to you. Don't discriminate, don't judge yourself. Just begin to document your thoughts and witness how your mind perceives its reality.


Now that you have an idea of what your shadows are, it's time to decide how you want to make adjustments.

For example: If you've discovered that you have a selfish streak, but you wish you were more open to sharing, take a look at which moments you've caught yourself being selfish.

What can you do instead?

What could you remind yourself of?

Why do you want to adjust the behavior.

And - more important - can you decipher where and why you adopted this behavior?

Recalibration comes with deep understanding.

You cannot rebuild an engine without first understanding how it's created.

The same is true with the conscious mind. You will not succeed at recalibrating your synaptic reactions to stimuli if you don't understand why you do it.


Knowing your shadows and knowing how you want to adjust them are pointless if you don't have the self-love to follow through.

Discipline is the ultimate form of self-love.

It means doing the difficult, often uncomfortable, tasks that bring about the greatest results for our highest self.

To bring your shadows into the light, you must practice discipline with recalibrating your shadow reactions.

What Is SHADOW ALCHEMY & Why Should You Do It?

Shadow alchemy is the art of transforming your shadows into profitable resources.

This means taking the lessons you learned in your own shadow work and translating them into products or services that others can purchase from you.

I encourage this method of income for two reasons:

  • 1) It's a positive & globally transformative transaction, and
  • 2) It has minimal overhead costs.

When you choose to create services and products based off of your own shadow work, you're choosing to honestly share your experiences to help the greater collective.

This is crucial work that is not to be overlooked or minimized.

The world needs more leaders who can share what they've learned for the sake of helping us all become better individuals.

That being said, it's also wicked cheap to do. Create a website ($90/USD), create some products or services (free with online tools), offer up a sales button (also free).


What shadows have you learned to recalibrate through strict discipline and educational embrace?

Those are your alchemical gold.

You can absolutely create services and products around shadows you've not fully processed, but you'll find alchemy to be easiest with shadows you know, love, and took the time to embrace.


Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I confident teaching others how to process this shadow?
  • Am I able to clearly explain how I got from point A to point B?
  • Am I comfortable being honest about where I currently am with this shadow?
  • Am I willing to become a beacon for all others who are dealing with this shadow?

If you answered 'YES' to all of the above, then you've got a shadow worth alchemizing into a profitable passion project.

If you answered 'NO' to any of the above, consider whether or not you're comfortable enough with this shadow to turn it into a public passion project.


Once you know which shadow work you want to monetize, it's time to alchemize.


    Map out your product. Will it be an ebook? An online course? An email campaign? Whatever it is, organize the content into a simple to follow flow that can educate your audience. If you want to offer a service, decide how you'll organize your content in that container as well.

  • 2) CREATE

    Create your product. If it's an ebook, you can utilize Google or Word documents to create a first draft, the move the product into Canva to make it purdy. If you're offering a service, write out exactly what you have to offer (this can serve as your copywriting later on when you advertise your services) and how you plan to offer it.

  • 3) REFLECT

    Before you offer your shadow work product or service into the world, look back at what you've created to ensure it's something you feel comfortable supporting. Where can you make improvements? Where will you need to evolve with your offer? Who can you offer this to?


Money isn't the most important thing in this life, but it is a necessary component to modern living.

And if you're going to share the vulnerable process that is your shadow work, you deserve to be rewarded for doing so.

Accurately pricing our shadow work, marketing it, and showcasing our success are three ways to make your products or services more desirable to your target demographic.


Pricing your shadow work products or services can be tricky.

Personally, I wish I could offer everything I have for free.

Alas, free does not keep the lights on at casa Fanny. No it does not.

That being said, you can ask yourself the following questions to get to a specific price for your offer:

  • How much work did it take me to create this offer?
  • How unique is my offer compared to others that already exist?
  • What do I feel I deserve in exchange for people gaining access to this offer?
  • What does this shadow work feel it deserves?

If your offer took you a 50 hours to create, how much compensation will feel good to you?

If nothing like it exists on the market - or similar things exist, but they don't compare to what you have to offer - how can you reasonably price your offer while also standing out?

But I find the most important question of them all, is what does my offer feel that it's worth?

Use your intuition on this.

Your shadows can speak for themselves.

For example: my flagship product, Cake Queen: Online Business Academy, took a full year for me to create and when I finally asked her what her worth was, do you know what she said to me?

In a whisper: "more than that."

She continued whispering this to me until I finally hit the number where she went hush.


Not all shadow work is meant to be profitable passion project work.

If you aren't interested in talking about it all day, every day, then it's not the passion project for you.

If it doesn't light you up, inside and out, then it's not the passion project for you.

In short, if it doesn't thrill you it isn't for you.


I don't advise people to create an online business about anything other than the things they love.

And, for me, shadow work is one of those things.

I could talk about it all day and all night, to no one in particular and to everyone all at once.

It inspires, motivates, scares, and instigates every inch of my being.

Ask yourself:

  • Could you talk about this work all day?
  • Are you passionate about exploring this content for the next decade?
  • Do you know where you have room to grow and where you're already well-informed?
  • Do you feel called to speak about this topic, regardless of your existing skill set within it?

A shadow work passion project is meant for you when you can answer 'YES' to all of the questions above.

If you answered 'NO' to any of those questions, but you still want to create a passion project around a particular style of shadow work, why do you feel so drawn to do so?

Ego clouds our ability to properly perceive our environment.

If you can't answer 'YES' to all of the above questions, but you still feel drawn to the work, you might be suffering from financial need or egotistical stroking.

By all means, continue to create the business, but be wary: you'll be creating one that lacks either interest, passion, knowledge, or purpose.


Everyone has a shadow they can alchemize into a profitable passion project.

But that doesn't mean that everyone should.

If you aren't PASSIONATE about the work you're thinking of offering, then you're operating from the wrong space.

Shadow work alchemy is done best when it's done by those who feel called to do the work, not by those who see it as a fast track to wealth, ego love, or abundance.

"What you've experienced in this life is unique to you & deserves to be shared with - and supported by - the world at large."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Friendly Lifestyle Revolution Alchemist

If you've got shadow work that you're interested in alchemizing into an online profitable passion project, I'd love to hear about it!

Leave a comment below detailing the kind of work you're interested in doing.

We all have something unique to offer the world.

And, despite what it may seem, shadows aren't always scary subjects.

You can have shadow work around learning long division!

All it is, is learning how to translate what you've dismantled from your unconscious mind so that you can live a more authentic, liberated, intentional conscious existence.

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