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My 5 Favorite Content Marketing Strategies For Online Startups

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Content marketing is QUEEN when it comes to online business.

It is also the most convenient and affordable way to acquire new business and viewership.

There are five specific ways that you can harness simple content projects to increase tangible conversions.

But first, let's narrow down what "content" and "content marketing" actually are in order to make sure that what you create has the impact you're hoping for.


"Content" is considered any chunk of information, whether it's offered for free or for sale, that provides a value to your audience.

Content could be something like a freebie or an e-course, a blog post or a Facebook ad; all of those are considered forms of content.

"Content Marketing" is when you use specific pieces of content to generate a conversion.

That conversion could be for an email or a monetary purchase, and it can be done with a blog posts or a Facebook ad, freebies, paid programs, social media posts, guest posts, radio PSA's, television commercials, and more.

For online startups, it's often easiest and cheapest to focus on digital content marketing, with an emphasis on pieces of content that can be created with easily accessible resources.

Content pieces like blog posts, social media posts, freebies, webinars, and ebooks are often the fastest way to create quality content that audiences voraciously devour.

My five favorite forms of content marketing aren't the only opportunities available to you and your business; however, they're the ones that I find are the easiest and cheapest to create, maintain, build upon, and share, while also being the most viewed, shared, and enjoyed by online audiences.

Content Marketing Strategy #1: BLOGGING

Blogging is the simplest and most popular way to share what you know with your audience.

Through this medium, you can curate a library of knowledge, while simultaneously offering your products and services for sale, as well as gauge your audiences' interest for any future offers you may want to create.

For example: you'll see that I discuss tarot card reading on this website even though I don't presently (April 2020) offer a service or product that correlates to that topic.

I do this intentionally as part of my content marketing strategy to see where my audiences interests lie in relation to my own.

Blogging is the most popular way to quickly provide strategic content marketing that audiences love, but there's an even more impactful way to establish credibility and that's through social media...

Content Marketing Strategy #2: SOCIAL MEDIA

With or without a website, social media marketing is the most interactive way to curate an audience interested in what you have, or will have, to offer.

Campaign concepts are endless and wildly creative, and the medium availability is only expanding.

What used to be simple textual posts on MySpace or Facebook, can now be 30 second TikTok videos or extensive YouTube instructionals, Pinterest infographics or quick opinions shared on Twitter.

The type of content marketing you can create and the ways in which you can share it are always creatively expanding in the world of social media.

And the best part is that because there's so much variety, you can choose to use as few platforms as you want - even just one - and still see an insane amount of success. One video, one bit of text, one image, can go viral.


Numbers 1 and 2 on this list are content platforms that should be used as a way to share content pieces that are part of your strategy.

You need to blog and you need to be on social media.

The following three content marketing strategies are pieces of content that should be shared through your blog and social media accounts.

Content Marketing Strategy #3: FREEBIES

Offering a freebie is the easiest way to begin building an email list, which you can then use to further market your offers to aligned customers.

Create freebies that serve to educate, alleviate a problem for, and/or provide value to your audience.

Common freebie types include:

  • Instructional PDF's
  • Guidebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Spreadsheets & Charts
  • White Papers (studies/research)
  • Email Campaigns

Common freebie topics include:

  • How-To Guides
  • Schedules & Planners
  • Brand Story
  • Top Lists
  • "How I Did It..."
  • "What I Use To Do It..."

Content Marketing Strategy #4: WEBINARS

Webinars are a way for you to share valuable, FREE knowledge with your audience over a short period of time (a one-off experience or a drip campaign lasting as long as is reasonable).

Doing a webinar means you can use audio and visual display to share information with your audience.

You can incorporate a white board, as is popular, or opt for any number of visual components, like changing your scenery or creating a cast list.

The possibilities with webinars are endless, and once you get the hang of creating them, you can then incorporate them as new offers - free or paid - within your sales funnel.

As a piece of content, webinars are enticing because they give audiences a chance to meet you face-to-face while you express your expertise naturally.

Practice a few times with video content that you don't intend to share (although if it comes out good enough, feel free to use it in your content marketing strategy), so you can get the hang of speaking, flowing, and sharing your message in a concise manner.

Remember: webinars are instructional, so create an outline to help you stay on topic.

Content Marketing Strategy #5: EBOOKS

Ebooks are the easiest and cheapest way to create free content pieces.

They can be created using a FREE Canva account, a Word Document, Google Docs, or with a more complex software like InDesign.

If you decide to use ebooks for your content pieces, you'll need to create beautiful cover design graphics, concise and organized copywriting, and instructional content that educates your audience on a particular subject.

Ebooks are easy to download, easy to create, and easy to digest as an audience member.

They're one of - if not THE - oldest forms of content marketing there is, and they remain one of the most popular assets to create because they're consistent and effective in establishing credibility and curating email lists.


Content marketing isn't a complicated game, all it takes is premeditation and hypothesis.

While one strategy may not work, you can always reassess and try again, which you'll be doing constantly as an online business owner anyways, success or otherwise.

Just remember:

"There are no failures. There are only lessons."Tiffany Amaro,
Your Friendly Lifestyle Revolution Illiuminator

Whether a specific strategy works or not for your brand is not a defining factor in your success; it is merely an opportunity to learn what does and does not work for your brand.

Which is why my 5 favorite content marketing strategies aren't at all specific. Only you can decide how you choose to use these content strategies.

By utilizing all 5 strategies, you'll quickly learn what your audience wants to consume and what they avoid.

The trick to longterm content marketing success is to not get emotionally attached to your outcome metrics.

If a 3-month campaign doesn't acquire the metrics you were aiming for, it's imperative that you logically analyze what went wrong, instead of getting swept up in feelings of failure.

Because every content marketing strategy is a logics game best played by dropping the ego. The ego will slow down your rate of recovery, where logic will keep your steady and consistent.


Want to know my secret to creating a sustainable, lucrative, online passion project?

Create your online business from a space of love and it will flourish in more ways than one.

Traditional business models are built for revenue generation purposes only. They seek to flourish with one metric: profit.

But times have changed and we can now create a profitable business using a passion-based model.

When your business includes metrics for passion, expansion, connection, interaction, and love, it generates more than just a profit, it generates energetic alignment.

Interested in learning how to turn your passions and skills into a profitable online passion project?


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