how to hone your intuition with tarot cards

How To Hone Your Intuition By Using Tarot Cards To Connect To Your Quantum Energy

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Don’t overthink it, babe.

For whatever reason, tarot cards just work.

Then how in the actual fuck do they work?

That’s been up for debate for centuries.

But from personal experience, here’s what I can attest:

  • They consistently match my energy,
  • They’re never wrong – only misinterpreted, and
  • They’re spooky AF accurate.

So I’ve spent the last year playing around with a few decks.

I’ve documented over 1,000 tarot spreads, interpretations, and outcomes.

And the better I got at reading the cards, feeling the flow, letting go of my expectations or desires and just letting the messages come to me – the more I practiced, the more I realized how fucking helpful the cards really are.

At various times in my life, even to this day, I’ve struggled to trust my intuition.

I can feel red flags flying up all over the place – my body bristles, hairs shoot upright, my mind starts racing, I’ll even sometimes just stop dead in my tracks, look off into the distance, and really think about what I’m doing next – but I’ll continue to ignore them regardless.

Over time, this developed a distrust of my intuition.

As if it had done anything wrong.

And tarot card reading was one of the first things that really helped me regain trust in my intuition.

How Can Tarot Cards Help You

Nobody knows exactly where the first tarot deck appeared or why.

Some say they’re the sole surviving “book” from the great fire that burned down Egypt’s Alexandria libraries.

Some say a group of eclectic artists from the 14th century cooked them up by request for a wealthy aristocrat’s party.

Since the common consensus at this point in time begins in the 14th century with a group of artists, we’ll start there:

  • A Parlor Game

    Created by artists in Italy in the 14th century, tarot cards were originally called “triumph” cards and were used at social events as a parlor game.

  • Occultists Take The Reins

    By 1768, followers of occult studies had found tarot cards and used the symbology as a conduit for divination.

  • Hermetic Mysticism: The Game

    By 1781, tarot is associated with Kabbalah and hermetic mysticism. But that doesn’t stop the wealthy upper class from continuing to use the cards solely for

  • Introducing Rider Waite

    Designed by artist Pamela Colman Smith and commissioned by British occultist Arthur Waite, the Rider Waite deck is created in 1909.

Two things I find fascinating about tarot history are: 1) how no one knows the true origins of tarot cards throughout history, and 2) how the upper class enjoyed using tarot cards as a fun activity – along with seances, tea leaf readings and palmistry – up until, I guess, they didn’t anymore whereby it suddenly became “taboo”…


Short answer? No one really knows. Some believe in the power of mysticism, some believe in quantum physics, some believe it’s all subconscious storytelling on behalf of the tarot card reader.

Whatever the case truly is, all tarot readings are physically operated like this:

  • THINK of a question…
  • FOCUS entirely on that question…
  • SHUFFLE and cut the deck at your own pace…
  • PULL out one or more cards…
  • ANALYZE the cards in relation to your question…

Almost every tarot card reader has a different style of preparing their deck, pulling their cards, asking their questions, etc.

Some people clear the deck for every use, some don’t.

Some people pull their cards from the top of the deck, some pull at random.

How you use your deck is entirely up to you, but the primary question remains: how are tarot cards supposed to actually work?

And here’s where the long answer comes into play: your quantum energy field (combined with a collective understanding of symbolized meaning which your tarot reader will use to interpret the cards as they fall) ensures that the right cards land just where they should to imbue value upon translation.

In other words, the current, widely accepted theory on tarot card validity is that your quantum physical field, by connecting with your brain’s subtle electrical energy, delivers the right cards for your draw. You can read more about how quantum entanglement theory works and how I apply it to my own scientific spirituality over here.

From there, it’s up to you or your tarot readers interpretation of the card imagery and symbology to translate the message for you.


Created by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, the theory of quantum entanglement goes something like this:

Everything has energy and that energy is capable of connecting with other energies within the entire universe. Thus, your future is entangled with energies from a variety of sources and your life force calls forth those energies through focused intention.

In relation to tarot readings, this means that when you focus on an intention (a question, a hope, a fear, etc.), your quantum energy (energy on an atomic level) moves and grooves to ensure that the cards fall as they need to in order to give you a functional reading.

This can be easily tested.

If you play with tarot cards (as I do) with zero intention, you’ll find you get very random messaging that makes zero relevant sense. Which is fair because you aren’t focused!

However, if you play with tarot cards with absolute intention AND YOU DOCUMENT THE RESULTS, you’ll be amazed at the rate of regularity for your cards being correct.


From my own experiences, here’s what I know about tarot:

1) It has to do with your intuition, a gut instinct that allows you to send and receive messages about your surroundings,

2) And your subconscious, which gives off a subtle electrical current that may be picked up by the cards (the verdict’s still out on that front).

When you center your thoughts on one topic, your subconscious admits a low electrical current. That current, since all energy is effectual, could be influencing how cards fall due to the possibilities of quantum entanglement, a physics theory that is equally probable to its competitors at this time.

Thus, all that’s actually happening in a tarot reading is your subtle energy – your subtle quantum field – is drawing pre-imbued purpose from the cards. The Death card has specific meanings and since most tarot readers collectively agree on those meanings, when you get that card it means you drew that energy, even if you don’t know enough about the Death card to have drawn it.

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