Do You Know Your Wonderland Business Shadow Archetype?

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Using characterized archetypes to identify how we behave in any given situation, be it in life or business, is a fun and easy way to learn about how we can become the best version of ourselves. You’ve probably heard of the Enneagram personality chart (if not, you can take this quiz to learn your Enneagram personality) and have probably even taken a few Enneagram quizzes to identify your own personality traits. This quiz is similar in that it helps you discover your business And because I’m cool like that, I took the time to craft each archetype into an Alice in Wonderland character. You’re welcome. Take this quiz and you’ll learn all about your business shadow archetype, how you can reparent its toxic tendencies, and how you can create business systems that make running your online empire a piece of carrot cake. Or whatever variety of cake you love…or not cake…WHATEVER…broccoli then, Betty! This quiz will make running your online …

covert racism

An Honest Exploration Of My Complicity To White Supremacy Via Covert Racism

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Until recently, I hadn’t realized that I had been contributing to the fear-state of American culture by being a covert racist. In fact, my “white liberal goodness” had failed, been unable, or flat our refused, to acknowledge that any of my actions could possibly contribute to anything considered remotely racist. But I was wrong…

family estrangement

Family Estrangement: The Unnamed Elephant Crop-Dusting My Life

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Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar: You grew up hearing one or both of your parents avoid, openly dislike, or jokingly spread disdain for their own, or their spouses, parents; and/or you grew up hearing one or both of your parents arguing, threatening, openly belittling, or avoiding their own, or their spouses, parents; and/or you grew up being told to avoid or ignore entirely your own grandparents, for reasons known or unknown to you…

chronic depression is a wakeup call

10 Signs That Your Chronic Depression Is A Wakeup Call To A Greater Purpose

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[NOTE: If you are harming yourself or experiencing suicidal thoughts, seek professional help immediately!!!] Due to the high level of fear being experienced on our planet, many people we know – perhaps even you – are experiencing depression and other mental health struggles. But what if those struggles were not something to defeat for the sake of sanity, but to understand for the sake of stability?