#90LOVE Winter, Day 33: Bed Splits Might Be The Best Splits

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As predicted, I woke up sore AF.

Also predicted: I have a game plan…and it has nothing to do with that handsome fella up there ^ *swoon*.

Stretching Makes The Next Day Better

Something I learned while watching Breaking Pointe back in 2013 (because FUCK YES): taking the time to stretch hours after an intense workout makes it so you aren’t nearly as sore the next day.

So I had a 30-minute stretching session last night before going to bed in preparation for what I knew would be sore limbs this morning.

Sure enough, I woke up sore, BUT not nearly as sore as I typically am when I do 2-a-day workouts so…STRETCHING WAS A SUCCESS!

This morning, I was able to walk up and down the stairs without groaning, could sit down onto the toilet without feeling like my legs would give out before I hit the seat, and could lift a jar of pickles without feeling like I’d immediately drop them on the ground.

Yes, stretching is my new best babe.


After a morning filled with writing fiction and downing copious amounts of caramel macchiato’s and lemon water, I jumped into my first workout at noon and followed it up with a second workout at five o’clock.

I held another (much longer) stretching session this evening and managed to sneak in some time for freestyle pole dance before bed where I pulled myself into a nothing-doing invert and immediately regretted that decision. I slid painfully down my pole, landing ever so softly onto the floor of my office…arms, so tired, so so tired.

  • Insanity Max 30 + P90X3

    Today was Tabata Power in Insanity Max 30 and Agility X in P90X3. I slacked in AX because #90LOVE Rising is all about showing up for yourself in whatever loving capacity that is at the moment, and, today, for me, that was a bit lazy for my final workout.

  • 40-Minute Splits Training

    I told you! I upped my stretching my 20 minutes today because it just felt so nice. Hopefully my legs feel amazing tomorrow morning.

  • Pole Dance

    I did one invert today and immediately called it quits. Today was not a trick day. Instead, I focused on freestyle dance, something I don’t do nearly as much as I should. I HAD A FUCKING BLAST. Not only does it bring out my inner trap queen, but it also connects me to whatever emotions I’m feeling, which today – apparently – was a lot of pent-up nasty. I’m pretty sure the saying goes, “a twerk a day keeps the irritability at bay.”


The best part of today was discovering that doing splits training in bed is the BEST thing ever, ever, ever, amen, thank you America, good night!

That is where I will be doing all of my future splits stretching. On my bed. In my undies. With a cat flopping about around me like a deflated inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

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