#90LOVE Winter, Day 32: Birthday Month Vibes, Meet My Former-Nemesis-Turned-Comrade, Cardio

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Here’s why I’ve been such a bummer about cardio workouts for the last decade: I used to be an athlete in high school, but when I left for college all of that activity didn’t tag along with me, so for the last ten years – literally anytime I’d start a cardio workout – I’ve beat myself up for not being good enough at something that used to be so easy for me.

I know, I know.


Which is why I’m finally dealing with it 🙂

November Goals

Before I go any further, can I just say: I did fantastic in October!

My goal was to eat healthy, stop eating out and consuming alcohol, and watch my portion control. And I friggin’ nailed it!

  • I cooked healthy foods all month long that kept me full and satisfied,
  • I only consumed alcohol once and it was a few glasses of wine,
  • I went almost 100% vegetarian within the household, only allowing myself meat at taco stands or restaurants,
  • and I reined my portion control way in by taming my brain to assess if I’m hungry before plowing through whatever was left on my plate.

It may seem small, but all of that helped me lose eight pounds in October, which is exactly what I wanted now that I’m moving full-steam ahead into November – exercise central.

My goals for November are:

  • 2 Workouts A Day

    They can be whatever I want – from BeachBody workouts to slow yoga – but they must happen at different times of the day, not back to back.

  • Daily Splits Training

    I have been wanting to be able to do the splits for YEARS and I’ve just never committed to it…

  • Daily Pole Dancing

    I haven’t maintained my pole work either, but before this decade is closed I will recapture my ayesha! Pole dance can be used as one of my two workouts for the day.

So, How Was

Easy enough, actually, as can be expected from a day-one workout.

Sure it was tough, and yes I’m exhausted, but ask me how I’m doing tomorrow when the real troubles set in: trying to barter my way out of workouts, muscle soreness out the wang, frustrations at the fact that I haven’t taken care of my body all these years later…

But I’m anticipating it!

I’ve got clothes laid out, I’m not forcing myself to workout at any particular time tomorrow, and – while I have workouts in mind that I’d like to do – I’m not forcing myself to stick to any workout schedules like I have in the past.

If I feel like cardio, cool. If not, double cool, yoga’s fine too!

I started my period yesterday so I’m not feeling great today, but here’s what I got done:


  • Insanity Max 30 + P90X3

    I like teaming these two programs up because they both offer 30 minute workouts. I did Insanity Max 30 in the morning and P90X3 later on in the day.

  • 25 Minute Splits Training

    I turned on some music and sank into my splits training right after Insanity Max 30. Legs nice and warm, I did worse than I thought I would, but no worries! One day at a time and such…

  • Knee Tucks & Invert Practice

    After all that today, I didn’t really feel like dancing per say. So I threw on some jams and did 20 knee tucks per side and 10 inverts pre side. That’s a start, yea?

I also took before pictures today, but I’ll be posting those next week when I have something to stick them next to.

I plan to do progress pictures every Friday. For now, peep the picture at the header of this post…that’s where I’m at for my splits.

Not great, kiddo, not great. But also…well, still not great 😀

What can I say? I’ve NEVER been able to do the splits! This should be a fun adventure, indeed.

Check back tomorrow to see how I feel after all that ‘ness.

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