#90LOVE Winter, Day 1: To Transform We Must Release What No Longer Serves Us

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Seasons greetings, stardust babes!

It’s that time of year! Time for the beginning of a new #90LOVE season!

Over the course of my life, I’ve learned that October, November, and December mean being constantly bombarded with opportunities to make poor choices and nostalgically regress into personal defeat.

If I don’t keep my wits about me, I’m eating all the reindeer cookies while binge watching holiday movies, swimming in eggnog, decorating my window displays with quirky holiday stencils, and wishing it were normal to put Love Actually on repeat so every hour or so I can hear Bill Nighy fuck up his holiday reboot.

Ahh, the holiday season. It begins with a calm descent into Halloween before spiraling out into pie and stuffing until we’ve reached four weeks of solid, Whoville-level anticipation in a Gotham-toned world. It’s mayhem I tell you, absolute mayhem.

And it’s also the perfect time to release anything negative that’s cropped up in the last year.

– release –

Today is the first day of the #90LOVEWinter season and already I’m loving it!

For the next three months, the theme is to release. To let go of anything that I’ve picked up in the last year that no longer serves me and everything that’s existed before that.

If you’re participating along with me, then your goal is the same, my friend. At the end of what’s been a very long 2019, it’s time to asses our behavior and make adjustments before heading into the new year.

You see how I did that?!

I created #90LOVE Rising because I wanted to approach each solstice and equinox of the year with well-rounded preparation. No more half-assed New Year’s Resolutions for this, gal, no ma’am!

So here’s what I’m looking forward to clearing out in the next three months:


    This list includes: yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, unnecessary restrictions, food guilt and shaming, and excessively ordering food delivery or eating out.


    This list includes: yo-yo exercising, months of lethargy, driving when I could walk, household laziness, no daily workouts, and avoiding my pole dance practice.


    This list includes: self-doubt, self-loathing, and negative spirals.

#90LOVE Rising is about embracing the best version of yourself through radical and absolute self-love. That means not rushing or forcing or demanding progress or change from yourself, but asking yourself to embrace your potential in a way that works best for you.

For me, that means striving to create healthy routines for one goal at a time. This October, I’ll be focusing my efforts on correcting my out of whack eating habits.

I’ll be going primarily vegetarian, will be intermittent fasting, will cook healthy meals, and monitor my ordering habits, in-house or out.

For November, I’ll be tackling my exercise habits while continuing forward with healthier eating habits, and for December, I’ll take on what remains of my ego.

I won’t be documenting much for October, just recipes.

But in November, I plan to document thirty days of physical fitness and personal growth since it’s MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

If you want to join the #90LOVE Rising Collective, you can signup OVER HERE to get your #90LOVEWINTER Edition Guidebook.

Good luck and may the love be with you!

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